Monday, June 17, 2013


This dress perfectly conceals what I had been doing all weekend... eating. My Instagram feed from this past weekend documents it pretty well and the aftermath this Monday has left me feeling rather sluggish. I contemplating skipping lunch today, but who am I kidding? This girl needs to eat. On another topic, I've been searching for dresses to wear for upcoming weddings and every dress that I love is either black or white. I know you're not suppose to wear white to a wedding unless you're the bride, but what if it were printed like the one above? Is that acceptable or still a no-no?


  1. I need about 10 of those dresses right now! ha. Eating has gotten the best of me lately. And I totally think a printed b/w dress is acceptable! I always stay way from plain white, but go for the print girl! xo

  2. having the same problem you are! even worse that i tend to only stick to black and white because everything clashes with my hair! (i know, #problems..) good luck!!

  3. It's actually pretty interesting how people say that you shouldn't wear white to a wedding, but with the pastel-colored bridal trends, it's hard to decipher what colors you can and cannot wear to a wedding. I wear whatever color I think best suits the theme of the wedding (usually shows through the invitation) and go from there. If I must wear white, I make sure to accessorize with a different color (accents) so that they can differentiate between you and the bride.


  4. Yes, go for a printed one! That one is very chic. You always look elegant, and find the best things from Zara! Which Zara location in the L.A. area is your favorite? I like the Century City store, but I don't get there often enough!