Thursday, August 28, 2014


Being comfortable is always my number one priority, especially on the weekends. My weekends are spent on-the-go, whether it'd be meeting up with friends for a bite (okay, many bites) or running tedious errands around town. I was feeling a bit under the weather on this particular day and my trick for those "blah" days is to wear comfortable clothing, but accessorize with killer pieces so I don't look the way I feel. 

Thanks to Maurice's for introducing me to their denim jeggings. I'm always down to give new denim brands a test drive and even more excited when I actually love the product. These have quickly become my go-to pair of comfy denim jeans. My favorite part? They have a great amount of stretch to avoid those "I-gotta-unbutton-my-pants-because-I-ate-too-much" moments - which I experience all too often.

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