Monday, December 8, 2014


2 days in Arizona was not nearly enough time to see all that the Grand Canyon State had to offer. So much so that I made another trip back a month later to visit Lower Antelope Canyon [photos here, here and here] and revisit the Horseshoe Bend [more photos here and here]. Our time in AZ was cut short due to my stolen suitcase debacle, but made it to the Horseshoe Bend just in time to catch the sunset. The next day, we set out to explore Sedona, hiked to Devil's Bridge for a much needed workout, made a pit stop at Montezuma Castle, hunted down saguaro cacti and ended the day at Sweet Republic in Scottsdale for ice cream, of course.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


  1. This is one hell of an ice-cream trippin!! I really like the very first picture. You sure have loads of fun during this trip =)