Friday, January 9, 2015


Fall in New England is a magical time, unlike anything that I've experienced in LA. From Nashville, we flew up to Boston and made our way through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and ended the trip in New York City. This leg of the trip was where I felt like the autumn season came to life. Experiencing fall foliage felt surreal with the vast amount of trees and its leaves changing colors for the season.

Also, we unexpectedly came across a pumpkin patch, with an abundance of pumpkins of all sizes, uncut, still attached at the stem. It's the simplest of things like this that get me the most excited. I couldn't transport a 20 lb. pumpkin back to LA, but still felt the need to go through the notions of picking out a pumpkin, strapping it to the back seat of our rental car and brought it to its new home in NYC where I knew some friends would take good care of him/her.

Ice cream stops: Toscanini's in Cambridge, MA | Christina's Homemade Ice Cream in Cambridge, MA | Cedar Hill Dairy Joy in Weston, MA | Crescent Ridge Diary Bar in Sharon, MA

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  1. Such an amazing place! Love all your photos!