Wednesday, July 8, 2015


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A few days ago I was complaining about June gloom and how even though it's officially summer, it didn't feel like it. Fast forward to present day where it's 80+ degrees, the sun's out in full force and there's only one thing on my agenda: the agenda. Whenever my out-of-town friends visit LA, they always ask how I'm able to go to work when the weather is beach time perfection. Trust me, it takes an immense amount of willpower to make myself do anything, but head west towards the salt water and sand.

Although my proximity to the close is close, my free time is limited to the weekends. And with everything else going on, it can be difficult to clear out my schedule for a few hours. It's always a treat when the opportunity presents itself. I'll pack up my beach tote with all the necessities for the relaxing day, which includes a good book (currently can't put down Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance), sunscreen, cooling face mist and Skinny Cow's Vanilla Creamy Iced Coffee. Also, be sure to try Skinny Cow's ice cream bars (Double Caramel Swirl is my favorite) and their chocolates like the Caramel Divine Filled Chocolates that melt in your mouth. Treating myself to Skinny Cow's delicious snacks while treating myself to a beach day guarantees a perfect summer day.

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  1. Must haves for any beach bag. Thanks for sharing.