Thursday, March 31, 2016


My love for Hawaii runs deep. It's difficult for me to put into words why I love it so much. I admire the culture, the stunning scenery, delicious food, slow pace of life and all of the memories that I've made on the various islands. Simply put, I'm just filled with pure happiness whenever I'm there. This past March, I visited the island of Oahu for the umpth time (I've officially lost count) and during the entire trip, I was brainstorming ways to stay forever.

Be sure to book a stay at the Modern Honolulu in Waikiki. Truly unlike any other hotel on the island, the Modern Honolulu is hip, cool, and well... modern and every corner is insta-worthy. The hotel features 2 pools (the adult pool on the second level has its own bar and hosts yoga in the mornings), spa, fitness center, restaurants, lounge and club. The bookcase in the lobby opens up into a lounge area at night and voila, enter the Study for drinks before bed.  The showers are just heavenly, especially having a long day of being out and about, in the sun. Choosing the right hotel definitely sets the tone for the entire trip and with their Friends with Benefit program, you are able to book direct to receive the best rate available and enjoy a daily hotel credit of up $150 to use anywhere on-property.

Drive up to the North Shore and stop by one of the many foot trucks (I highly recommend Giovanni's Shrimp Truck for garlic shrimp and fresh poke at Palo Santo Sushi), pick up fresh fruit at Kahuku Land Farms, lay out at Hukilau Beach, keep your eyes peeled for a wooden swing & abandoned boat beachside in Hauula, and watch the sunset at Sunset Beach. Be sure to set aside an entire day (or more) so you can lay out at Lanikai Beach and be mesmerized by the clearest, most blue/green water you'll ever see. Head to Boots & Kimo for banana macadamia nut pancakes and refresh at Lanikai Juice with acai bowls and smoothies. Put on your sneakers for a visit to Lanai Lookout and check out Mother Nature at her rawest. Indulge yourself with caffeine and breakfast at Island Vintage Coffee and pick up spam musubis at Iyasume Musubi to snack on. End the trip with a bang (literally) and enjoy fireworks blasting into the sky on Waikiki Beach.

Now that I'm back home and post-vacation depression has kicked in, I'm anxiously waiting to book my next trip back. Anyone in?

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