I'm back from a crazy 3 week cross-country road trip and can't wait to share all the stories and photos with ya'll. It was the trip of a lifetime, semi-spontaneous, yet planned well enough to avoid having to sleep on the side of the road in a rental car or any major catastrophes minus a lost suitcase (mine) and speeding ticket (not mine). Sorting through all the photos will probably take me another lifetime in and of itself so bear with me.

First stop, San Francisco! No better way to start the journey than with a stay at Hotel Union Square, situated right in the heart of the city itself. The location was ideal, with Union Square a block away, Uniqlo right across the street and the Powel Street Cable Line running right in front... making it the quintessential San Francisco experience. Plus, it's a shopaholics dream, neighboring my favorite stores: Barney's, Rag & Bone, Nordstrom, Zara, to name a few.

Hotel Union Square is San Francisco's first boutique hotel and provided the friendliest of service, with chic decor that I wish I had at my own place, and above all - clean rooms. Having traveled quite a bit, I'm a little spoiled and extremely particular about my travel accommodations. All in all, it was a great experience, the perfect way to kick off the trip and I can't wait to be back!