As part of my life goal to visit all 50 states before age 50, I set out on an East Coast road trip at the end of last year. The route? I flew from LA to NYC to meet/pick up one of my best friends, Stacey, and together we ventured south to Miami. To avoid unpredictable weather/road conditions (we planned the trip back in September), we cut out a good chunk of the driving through snow-prone states and took the midnight (3AM, actually) Amtrak down to Richmond, VA.

And so it goes...

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One thing to note about this trip is that although we had an end destination of Miami, FL., we didn't book any hotels in advance. This gave us the freedom to spend as much time (or as little time) as we wanted in each city. Wherever the wind took us is where we'd end up spending the night. After arriving in Richmond and picking up our rental car, we spent a few hours grabbing a bite to eat (Millie's Diner), a cup of much needed caffeine at Whisk (pictured above), explored a few different neighborhoods and vintage shops.


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A East Coast road trip must, pit stop at Bojangles for their "famous" chicken 'n biscuits.


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Another East Coast road trip must is stopping at South of the Border (the border between North Carolina & South Carolina). It really is just a tourist trap with super tacky and kitschy everything, but we had an amusing time.


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Charming Charleston... I've never witness a place with so much charm. This town is just perfect in every aspect, from our hotel accommodations (more on that in a bit), the scrumptious food, to its historic architecture. Be prepare to overload on photos as I have done. Also, be sure to stop by the Darling Oyster Bar for the fresh seafood, have dinner at Hank's Seafood Restaurant for more seafood, visit Magnolia Plantation & Garden to admire the beautiful grounds, wander aimlessly through historic Charleston and stay at Zero George Street Hotel.

Three words to deserve our stay at Zero George (& Charleston itself) are cozy, comfortable and charming. Its restored grounds and immaculately decorated rooms made our time there unforgettable. It was the perfect balance of luxury meets charm, and the staff there is the epitome of southern hospitality.


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Just a short 2 hour drive from Charleston is the cutest town of Savannah, GA. We stopped there for brunch at Little Duck Diner, visited Rainbow Row, drove through Wormsloe State Historic Site, and made a pit stop at Georgia Peach World for the best peach iced tea and barbecue at Southern Hog BBQ. And no trip to the South is complete without a visit to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.


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A visit to the Kennedy Space Center has been on my bucket list ever since I was a kid. It was out of this world (pun intended) and incredibly educational & fascinating.


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The final stop, Miami, at last! It was perfect heading south because the weather would get warmer every day and ending in Miami meant sunshine, 70 degree weather, and shorts. We grabbed brunch (very important part of the trip) at the Local House, lay out at the beach (the SLS has the cutest pink umbrellas), grab a smoothie at Nativ Made,  and stopped by the Museum of Ice Cream. I've been to the LA one and the Miami location is completely different and a must.

If you've made it this far, kudos! Shoot me an email or reach out via social media if you have any questions! xoxo