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You know how "walking on cloud 9" is a figure of speech? Well, it isn't just that, but an actual feeling that I felt when I first stepped foot into Brooks Levitate LE Running Shoes.

I live in sneakers a majority of the time, but this was the first time I've tried on a pair of sneakers by Brooks and I am so glad I did! I can honestly say that I have never worn a more comfortable pair of shoes. Ever. They instantly motivated me to go for a jog (no lie). I'm keeping them front and center in my closet because on the days that I feel most sluggish, a good run is exactly what I need to conquer the day.

Not only are they super lightweight, but they added an extra bounce in my step and have allowed me to go a longer distance than I normally would. The cushion in the Brooks Levitate provides so much comfort and felt like they were molded just for my feet. Plus, they took no time to break in and were ready for me from the first wear. It's no wonder that Brooks is known as the brand that makes the best running gear in the world.

I have been telling everyone about them, both fitness and non-fitness enthusiasts because of the sheer excitement and joy that I get when wearing them. I will definitely be incorporating them into my daily life beyond just working out. I love the silver detail in the sole (these are limited edition so don't miss out!) and think that not only do these sneakers pair perfectly with the Brooks Dash Hoodie and Ghost Mesh Crop, but will also look cute with a t-shirt and jeans, or even a skirt. Talk about versatility!

If you are curious about giving Brooks Levitate LE Running Shoes a try, be sure to order them from Zappos. They are limited edition so you don't want to miss out. Plus, with Zappos' free shipping, 365 day return policy, and world class customer service team, you can give them a try without any worries. Now if only I can run as fast as Zappos' lightning fast shipping... maybe I'll get there in the future, now that I have new motivation!