One of my favorite things about my recent trip to Europe was how there were so many outdoor cafes throughout all of the cities I visited. I would spend the days exploring and take breaks at whichever local cafe that I stumbled upon. After being back in LA, I still think about those quiet moments outside, where I would people watch and gain a wealth of inspiration simply from the locals and the surroundings. I made a vow to myself to try to do more of this in my hometown.

My love for LA runs deep and one of the reasons is the downtown Los Angeles area. I love the cult, the vibe and the energy, and always find myself here. Armed with my

HP Spectre

, I decided to visit a local coffee shop, not only to get some work done and brainstorm for upcoming projects, but to gain inspiration and feed off the contagious energy of those around me. I witnessed a business meeting, where a group of individuals were working on a t-shirt design, watched a graphic designer meticulously create a logo design, and many pedestrians whose street style caught my attention for a double take (in a good way).

Thanks to the world's thinnest laptop, the HP Spectre, my workplace mobility has never been easier. Instead of being tied down to my desk or having to worry about being plugged in near a wall outlet, I'm able to take my work with me wherever I please. The HP Spectre's battery life is impressive and depending on what I'm doing, a single charge can last me up to 9 hours. Although the HP Spectre is thin in size and lightweight, HP has equipped the Spectre with a special cooling technology that allows the processor to be more powerful than ever, without overheating. I'm able to have the entire Adobe Creative Suite installed on my new laptop and use it seamlessly.

It's amazing what a difference the right tools can make in my creative process. I have a big project up my sleeves and although I can't say what it is just yet, know that my

HP Spectre

will be helping me every step of the way. Stay tuned!

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